Types of Massage

Consider this an investment in your future. Less injuries and shorter recovery times. This is probably the most overlooked but most valuable service anyone can do. As most active people know, it is only a matter of time until your body wears down and needs to recover. In some instances, it takes an injury to slow down. Everyone has a dominant training method and with in this discipline there are certain joints and muscles that take the strain. I work specifically on the trouble areas BEFORE an injury occurs. i.e. baseball pitchers use an unnatural motion that puts great strain on their shoulder and elbow.

Exactly as it sounds. If you are recovering from an injury or working through an injury, your muscles are working to preserve the body. I will set a roadmap of treatments and work to help the body repair the injury while making sure all muscles are firing along the right path.

Everyone needs a little downtime. We will work to move stale blood out of muscles to stimulate healing. We will also work to make sure all muscles are firing in the proper coordination for movement.

Lets face it, mom was right, and all those reminders to stand up straight and stop slouching were for good cause.  Posture, good or bad, involves training your body. The ultimate end is to "posture" yourself at all times in a manner that creates the least amount of strain to your body(muscles/ligaments) as it fights gravity and/or daily movements and exercise.

We constantly have to fight against gravity. We always have a force of resistance in our basic movements and daily activities. i.e. standing, sitting, sleeping, sit to stand, bending and reaching.  Overtime those forces can gradually change our posture and muscular structure, even mal-forming areas like your spine and shoulders. Combining massage and exercise will help strengthen the supporting muscles and make sure all connections are firing properly to give you the most quality out of lifes daily rigors.

A reality that we all know at one end of the spectrum or the other. No one case is the same, but to reduce downtime everyone can agree that you must do something...even if that means downtime. I wont make any magical claims that I can fix you on the spot, but I can work with you on a treatment plan that helps release tension points and ultimately reminds your muscles how to fire, not to protect the injury, but function properly.

Just like taking your car to the mechanic. You need to take your body to a mechanic. You have hundreds of moving pieces firing at different times and speeds to accomplish what the brain triggers. These movements and strains exponentially grow when you add physical activity and training.  Preparing for the big race, recovering for a race, busting through a plateau, or just a weekend warrior, with maintenance muscle recover much faster and risk of injury is greatly lessened. 

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